Kids with cancer fight for years through chemotherapy, surgery, and treatments that were created for adults. After all of this hardship, they celebrate by ringing a bell at the hospital. During the pandemic, kids with cancer are unable to have bell ringing ceremonies.


Your $50 donation will be used to create a personalized ceramic bell for a child to celebrate their victory over cancer. The family will also receive a gift card for pottery painting and/or frozen custard. 

Bell Brigade Gift Set

  • Kiln & Custard will partner with Off The Charts Club to honor kids with cancer who have finished their treatments. Traditions for bell ringing ceremonies are being missed due to the current pandemic. No child should have to endure months upon years of chemotherapy and surgery and not be recognized for their heroics. 
    Through your donations, we will provide these heroes with a personalized, hand-crafted ceramic bell that pediatric cancer warriors can keep for life. A $50 donation will cover the materials and crafting of the bell as well as a gift card for the family to enjoy frozen custard or pottery painting when the time is right. 

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