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Fond memories passed down generations - Art becomes heritage and handmade crafts faded and chipped become our most precious heirlooms.

The Kiln Promise


Yes we are old fashioned believers in providing exceptional service. Going over and beyond our call of duty is an everyday goal. Our friendly and polite staff are also knowledgeable. We are always close to help and guide you with your project and on a rare occasion if faced with a problem we can't solve we know where to find the answers.




With ceramic bisque for paint your own pottery we have a wide selection of unique pieces to keep you coming back and when you're here we have an astounding collection of tools, stamps, decals and glazes to challenge your imagination. If at all your imagination needs some help our friendly staff will hook you up with ipads, books and magazines to provide you will an unlimited supply of ideas.




Guaranteed Satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with any part of the experience we will make it right. No questions asked, actually a few questions asked so we can improve. 

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